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Richard C. Carroll is the Executive Director of the Board and Custodian of the Board's records. While each staff member has numerous responsibilities, specific areas of responsibility are as follows:

Phyllis Gordon

  • CPA Exam Coordinator
  • Fiscal Officer
  • Maintains Licensee Files

Mary Stevenson

  • Firm Registrations/Changes
  • Website Design/Development
  • Peer Review           
Board Members

The Board is comprised of seven members appointed by the Governor to serve four-year terms.  Six members are Certified Public Accountants and one is a Citizen Member.  The current members and their expiration dates are:

Margaret D. Combs, CPA  -  6/30/2018

Kevin M. Doyle, CPA  -  6/30/2016

Joseph A. Hancock, CPA  -  6/30/2016

Jamie R. Laws, CPA  -  6/30/2017

Phillip M. Layne, CPA  -  6/30/2017

Lori Dawn Warden, CPA  -  6/30/2018

Toni Carver Smith, Citizen Member  -  6/30/2016           


Last Updated 4/16/2015
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